The Simple "Six Pack Finisher" Workout For A Shredded Core...

The method I am about to explain is super effective at increasing fat loss from the ab area - but this doesn’t make it a magic solution.

You still need to have your diet, supplements, life- style, and training in check. However, in combination with those, it can give you insane six-pack results.

Studies have even shown it can help burn 9x more bodyfat than traditional work.

Despite what we have been led to believe for a long time, targeting fat loss more for a specific area of the body is possible. Dr. Lonnie Lowery wrote a very good article on that topic, explaining all the science behind it - but here are the basics:

1. Fat mobilization (the first step to losing fat in an area) is greater around the contracting muscles. If you do a bicep curl, you prime your bicep to burn more fat and build more muscle. This is because it increases heat in that region as well as blood flow.

2. Certain areas have poor blood flow - in men this tends to be the ab region. This is one of the reasons why fat stores around your waist are “stubborn”. When performing cardio, whole body blood circu- lation is increased to help burn fat. However, blood flow doesn’t always reach the stubborn regions - unless we have primed them to.

Here’s what this means: by performing focused contraction work for the waist (abdominal exercises) around your energy system/fat burning work, you will mobilize more fat from that region.

You will not burn more overall fat, but more of it will come from the area adjacent to your abs.

I call it “The Six Pack Finisher”. The concept is fairly simple, and you can do it several ways depending on your goal.

First, you do isolation abdominal work like weighted cable crunches, or hanging leg raises. Immediately after you finish your ab set, perform a short bout of cardio (prowler, bike sprint, stair master etc.)

If you are 13-16% you can almost see a day by day difference in waist tightness. More than that and you won’t see much of a difference in the short term.

As such, I prefer to keep the six pack finisher for when I’m looking for fast results or when I’m near a photoshoot or beach vacation, and can see a day by day difference.

So next time you perform your abs work, mix in 30-60s of cardio in between each ab set.

It's a simple and effective process.

Now, I've only scratched the surface on how to build a shredded core. On the next page, I'll be revealing the EXACT plan that I use on all my new clients. So go ahead and click the NEXT PAGE button to learn more about how to get a strong core...