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Dear Friend,

What if I told you a simple 8 minute per workout, Anabolic Primer, could give you the results you crave like more muscle mass, less belly fat, warp speed recovery and more testosterone than an alpha gorilla.

What if I told you "conventional" warm-up routines are secretly sabotaging your muscle gains, ruining your tendons and killing your testosterone production...

Would you believe me?

Would you think I'm crazy?

Well first, let me introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Peter Tzemis and “standard warm-ups” almost ended my career in the gym. This popular fitness “practice” not only killed my results in the gym, but destroyed my physique and shattered my confidence as a man.

My weekends were spent alone. I had few friends.  Zero job prospects and single; not by choice. Girls acted like I wasn’t even there. Guys didn’t see me as a threat and left me alone.

Until one lucky day, I stumbled upon a weird Anabolic Priming trick, so mind-blowingly simple and powerful, it was like injecting steroids formulated by Zeus himself. In fact, one study uncovered this same 5 minute Anabolic Priming trick could supercharge your muscle growth, increase testosterone by 33% and Growth Hormone by 1700%.

It’s that potent.

Here are 3 Deadly Warm-Up Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Today!

Warm Up Mistake #1: Stretching BEFORE Your Workout

The main problem with conventional stretching programs is that they often work against your body's physiology rather than with it.

If you take a tight, cold muscle and expose it to prolonged "standard" stretching, you could incur scar tissue and micro-tearing, which could then lead to muscle weakness, inflexibility, and injury.

Furthermore, many professionals have prescribed stretching before exercise as a form of warm up. This is wrong.

A study published in The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research concluded that if you stretch before you lift weights, you could find yourself weaker and "off balanced" in your workouts. Not something we want when hoisting hundreds of pounds of metal.

Warm Up Mistake #2 - Warming Up Like A Long Distance Runner For Weight Training

The way you choose to warm up for an exercise can be the difference between packing on muscle or fizzling out.

Most people do the same handful of stretches they learned in high school gym class and then a few minutes of light cardio on the bike to warm up.

Doing a little light jogging isn’t going to cut it if you want to get fully prepared for an intense chest and back weightlifting session! Nor is it going to maximize the anabolic response to get more out of every single rep.

When done correctly, anabolic priming will keep your body healthy, enhance your neural output, and allow you to reach levels of muscularity and strength you never thought possible in 1/3 of the time.

Warm Up Mistake #3: Failing To Prime The Anabolic Environment

The most important aspect of muscle growth is your internal environment.

Ask any pro. They would probably tell you that if they could provide the perfect environment in which their bodies could grow, their muscle building troubles would disappear.

Indeed, creating the appropriate environment (an anabolic environment) is the key to great gains. 

However, it's useless if it's kept locked away, unable to do its job when the time is right.

In 2017, The Average Man's Anabolic Environment Is At An All Time Low... Making More Men Weak, Fat, & Impotent.

Men are bombarded on a daily basis with anabolic sapping attacks. Everything from prescription drugs, porn, rising pollution and even the normal food you eat on a daily basis are all crushing your anabolic environment.

This leads to less muscle, more fat and a soul crushing life.

And the worst part?

Men in their early 20's are experiencing this as well!

There’s been a lot of talk recently about what’s the matter with men these days. Some folks think men just don’t seem as manly as they used to be. When they compare their grandfathers with men today, the latter just don’t seem to stack up.

But studies have shown that men today, across the population, have about 20% less testosterone than men the same age did just two decades ago.

And every year, testosterone levels are falling 1%.

It's time to fight back.

Anabolic Priming

With Anabolic Priming You Can Now Blast Through Any Stubborn Plateau, Supercharge Your Muscle Growth And Maximize Your Anabolic Hormones In Just 8-10 Minutes Per Workout...

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PeterSee you inside in just a second…

To Fitness, Freedom and Fortune,
Peter Tzemis

P.S. Dude, there’s nothing wrong if you don’t want to build a badass body. Nothing wrong at all.

Billions of men walk around fat every day and are seemingly satisfied with it. We both know that they aren't however. We both know that their ugly fat rolls suck the soul right out of them.

You see it in their ghost like faces; The way they carry themselves. The way they move through life - almost as if there in a permanent trance. Resigned to living a mediocre life, which is okay.

However, I knew early on, I wasn’t destined to lead that kind of life. And I firmly believe... YOU certainly are not destined to lead that kind of life either.

So when I say I’m committed to help you discovering this...I TRULY AND AUTHENTICALLY MEAN IT. I’ve seen it change lives and I know it can change yours. You just gotta give it one chance. Just one shot.

That’s why I’m giving you my Iron Clad, 60 Day money back guarantee. So go ahead and click the button below. Give it all you’ve got and then get back to me with your life changing transformation story.


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