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Is Excess Fat Hiding Your Muscle, Crushing Your Testosterone And Suffocating Your Anabolic Environment?

Feeling overweight? 2/3 of Americans are. But excess fat doesn’t just make for an awful looking physique. The impact on our health is larger and worse than we might think.

Excess fat has been linked to auto crashes, industrial disasters, and medical and other occupational errors.

It increases the mortality and the risk of chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, depression, obesity, and cancer, and it reduces quality of life and productivity.

Excess weight destroys and anabolic environment and can even reduce testosterone levels to that of a female.

Furthermore, a excess destroys GH production. Poor GH production results in a whole list of things you don’t want - even poorer sleep being one of them.

Excess Cardio Floods Your Body With Inflammatory Hormones And Kills Your Body's Natural Anabolic Response To Training...

If you're attempting to balance your metabolic energy systems, burning a few hundred extra calories after throwing around some serious weight has its advantages.

But for the vast majority of people, that extra few minutes spent pounding away on a cardio machine floods your body with inflammatory hormones, kills your body's natural anabolic response to training, and sets you up for a long, hunger-filled afternoon.

I'm by no means anti-cardio. Like any fitness strategy, cardio has its time and place. The thing we can't overlook is the shocking number of new research studies showing the long-term negative effects of cardiovascular training.

At this point you may be asking yourself, "How the hell am I supposed to get my heart rate up while staying relatively lean and strong without killing myself, killing my muscle tissue, or just killing my body composition as a whole?"

The answer is Six Pack finishers.

The Six Pack Finishers Solution

It's the ONLY FAT LOSS PROGRAM designed for men who want to eradicate excess body fat, supercharge testosterone in just 8 minutes per workout. They're quick, movement specific, and the best damn way to reach your body comp goal without the repercussions of long duration, low intensity, steady-state cardio.

Six Pack Finishers Result In 450% More Calories Burned And 9x More Fat Lost Than Traditional Cardio... In Half The Time!

Crushing the final set of an exercise can make or break your workout.

These last sets, or "finisher sets," have always been a staple in bodybuilding because they allow you to get in more reps than a traditional straight set. Plus they leave you feeling good about a job well done.

One study compared the effect of 20 weeks of Anabolic Finishers with 20 weeks of ET (endurance training) on young adults. Incredibly, the AF group lost 9 times as much fat as the ET group.

Another study compared a traditional weight-training program with a Anabolic Finishers program. The AF group had a post-caloric burn the next day that was 450% greater than the traditional lifting group.


Just Imagine... Being Able To Banish Fat Effortlessly, Carving Hollywood Level Abs And Maximizing Your Anabolic Environment In Just 8 Minutes Per Workout

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