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I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first used this trick…

I was just finishing up a workout and had 10 minutes to kill…

I’d read about this strange old school arms explosion technique and how it can permanently add 1/2 inch to your upper arm.

I thought it was all “hype” at the time.

I’d been a fitness professional for 5 years and thought I’d seen and tried it all…

Yet what happened next shocked me… and took my six pack training to a whole new level.

24 hours after my arm explosion workout... my arms were bigger and more defined than ever before in my life... 

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Definition I never even new existed hard emerged.

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It seemed to be permanent.

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Here Are 3 Arm Training Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Immediately...

Mistake #1: Only Training The Biceps And Triceps

When it comes to training the biceps, simply doing more sets and reps won't cut it.

The problem?

Most lifters are hitting the SAME parts of the biceps over and over again while completely leaving out – or at least under-stimulating – other parts.

You need to hit both the long and short head of the biceps brachii (as well as the brachialis).

Mistake #2: Forgetting About The MMC

Once you're past newbie gains, you'll have one hell of a time building your body until you "feel" the muscles working.

Research shows that the mind-muscle connection (MMC) can improve muscle recruitment dramatically.

Researchers had a group of subjects perform two sets of lat pulldowns with only basic instruction. Then, after a period of rest, the subjects performed a couple of extra sets. This time around, they received instruction on how to emphasize the latissimus dorsi, while de-emphasizing the biceps.

The results?

Simply concentrating on the target musculature resulted in greater activation of this muscle. This leads to more muscle developemnt where you want it. Not to mention getting more bang for your buck when you are at the gym.

Mistake #3: Not Maximizing Growth Windows

The real ‘secret’ to muscle building lies in the ability to stimulate a muscle as often as it can take it. This gives you many more growth windows throughout the weeks, month and year.

Think about it. The regular trainer will ‘annihilate’ each muscle once per week. That means that ‘Mr. average’ gym-goer will get a maximum of 52 possible growth events in an entire year.

Yet it won’t actually equate to 52 growth events because that assumes that the trainer is training every single day/ week of the year.

This means the great workouts are few and far between. How many muscle building sessions are we left with? Well, that will depend on the trainer, but it’s fair to assume that we’re probably looking at 20 or less growth events per year.

Is it any wonder that people aren’t changing quickly?

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