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New "Aggressive" Fat Loss Strategy Reveals How To carve your body and Drop 10 Lbs in only 2 weeks

Everyone, at some point in their lives, wants to lose fat fast.  Whether its for a beach party, a wedding, a high school reunion or to jump start a diet eventually we all succumb to partaking in some sort of “crash diet”.

That’s just life.

Done improperly, (like 99.9% of crash diets on the market), you end up with a good amount of weight loss, coupled with a turtle-like metabolism, out of sync hormones and the perfect storm to regain all the weight you worked so hard to lose.

However if you just introduce a little synergy  you can avoid all those negative consequences and instead you end up with a strategic crash diet. 

Strategic crash diets are extreme diets, meant to get extreme results WITHOUT,  now this is this important part, destroying your metabolism.

They make you look hot,  like REALLY HOT, for that special event.

The Secret To This Madness Is Called Nutrient Confusion...

The foundational principle of the 3 Week Diet, and the entire reason this strategic approach works so well, is the principle of Nutrient ConfusionTM.

With Nutrient ConfusionTM we confuse the body by giving it different amounts of macronutrients and calories on a daily basis to avoid the negative metabolic adaptations of dieting and the dreaded "starvation mode" where your body shuts down your metabolism and outright refuses to burn fat.

You see, when you go on a diet your body isn't aware of — and doesn’t care about — your hopes for a slim waistline or how you're just trying to shape up for summer beach season. The only thing it does know is that when you start dieting you "all of the sudden" begin taking in drastically lower amounts of calories than you were previously. And, to your body, that's a big red flag.

When this happens, your body begins to slow your metabolism and put the brakes on fat burning as a starvation protection mechanism.

The major hormone responsible for this response is leptin, also known as the "anti-starvation" hormone. When calorie and food intake is normal, leptin levels remain high in the body, and the body is primed to burn fat as fuel.

When you go on a diet, however, leptin levels quickly drop letting the body know that something is "wrong,” causing the body to respond with those starvation protection mechanisms we just discussed (e.g., slowed metabolism and decreased fat burning).

This is bad news for the dieter, as the reality is quite simply that our body makes it very difficult to lose weight through calorie restriction, although calorie restriction is necessary in order to lose weight.

Enter Nutrient ConfusionTM.

The key here is to create a calorie deficit (so you can burn and lose fat) while at the same time preventing your body from entering "starvation mode.”

We do this by "confusing" or "tricking" the body by altering our daily nutrient and calorie intake.

You see, research has shown that it takes about a week for leptin levels to fall off by approximately 50%, putting you at just 50% of your fat burning potential. And as you can guess, each one of those days 1 – 7, leptin falls a little bit until it reaches that 50% level at Day 7.

Research also shows that manipulating calorie intake, particularly through carbohydrate manipulation, can give leptin levels a nice boost, or prevent it from falling off too rapidly in the first place.

As mentioned, the key nutrient here is carbohydrates, as research has shown that a boost in the carbohydrate-regulating hormone insulin also yields a boost in leptin levels. So, by manipulating carbohydrate intake every so often to boost leptin levels and prevent your body from "catching on" that you're dieting, you'll be able to create a sizable calorie deficit (and burn lots of fat) while avoiding starvation mode and keeping your body in fat burning mode around the clock. It's a nifty trick and it works very well.

Even better, we've put together the most strategic carbohydrate manipulation strategy for you over the course of 21 short but very effective days, and if you're reading this manual you'll get access to that breakthrough schedule in just a moment.

In addition to the carbohydrate manipulation techniques used in the 3 Week Diet, we also use many other cutting-edge metabolism-boosting techniques, like strategic Cheat Days, to make the diet even more effective.

So without further ado, let's jump into all the info you need to know to execute the fat burning 3 Week Diet!

So this is what you’ll get when you invest now so you can look your best 14 days from now

  • The Fat loss triangle

    The 3 rapid fat loss prerequisites. ithout this you make rapid fat loss nearly impossible.

  • The Visionary formula

    The one simple secret, a plastic surgeon turned crazy psychologist, taught me that allowed me to accomplish all my goals and make rapid fat loss a walk in the park

  • Nutrient Confusion

    The crazy diet designed in the 70’s to save the lives of the morbidly obese and how you can use it to FINALLY strip those last stubborn pounds

  • Chef Secrets

    The best cooking techniques to use on this plan to make these 10 days easy as pie

  • Muscle Maximizer Formula

    The exact weight workouts to make your muscles pop, the day of your even AND The optional Cardio plan to double your results. (You will be turning heads like crazy should you indulge in this fat loss cardio formula. )

  • The Ancient Greek Restoration Method

    Get glowing skin, cleanse your system and restore long lost vitality using this simple, but forgotten principle of nutrition

  • Iron Mind Technique

    How to develop a mindset of steel to push through the times you want to give up. Trust me their will be a few of them.

  • The Harvard Maker Secret

    The one secret Harvard graduates are not taught, that separate the good from the ELITE. Plus how you can use this secret immediately to start seeing results in every area of your life

  • Blacklisted Supplement Plan

    The best supplements for maximum results on this plan

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