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The Six-Pack Finisher Platinum Edition Includes...

Program #1: Six Pack Finishers (Value $67)

Now, please don’t be confused. Six Pack Finishers is not a simple list of exercises. Nor is it an encyclopedia of ab fitness, or bodybuilding or even ab workouts.

No. Six Pack Finishers does one thing and only one thing really well:

Give you abs with that defined, chiseled effect EVERY girl wants to touch

I’m not saying you’re going to become a fitness model, IG celebrity or anything, but my clients have been known to get approached for freelance photoshoots.

Plus you'll also discover...

  • The SPF Technique That Burns 9X More Body Fat In Half The Time To Reveal Your Badass Abs...
  • The One Mistake 99% Of People (And Regular Abs Programs) Make That Keeps Their 6 Pack DNA On Lockdown (Skip this and you'll never get those coveted hollywood abs)...
  • Neural-Abdominal Reprogramming: The secret ingredient to carving the abs of a badass in HALF THE TIME
  • Ab fat targeting: the science and application behind zoning-in and melting fat in specific areas of your body. (No Coolsculpting required.)

And much, more more...

Program #2: Six Pack Forever (Value $37)

  • The Real Reason Guys Lose Their Six Pack Just Weeks After Getting Them (Skip This And You Can Kiss Your Abs Goodbye)
  • The Real Reason Keeping Your Abs Is 10x More Difficult Than Getting Them And The EXACT Step By Step Process To Keep Them
  • The #1 Mistake Men Make When Trying To Keep Six Pack Abs Forever (Avoid THIS At All Costs)

Program #3: 17 Foods Your Abs Love And 7 They Hate (Value $27)

  • The Only 17 Foods That Will Cause Your Six Pack Abs To Rise Up From The Dead... Eat The Wrong Ones And You Can Kiss Your Results Goodbye
  • 7 Blacklisted Foods That Will Cause Your Six Pack Abs To Rise Up From The Dead Shrivel Up And Die A Slow Painful Death
  • High Octane Fuel Foods For Maximum Energy, Testosterone And Libido To Turn You Into The Ultimate Alpha

Program #4: 28 Day Six Pack Belly Fat Blaster (Value $97)

Question: when pinch your gut, can you pinch less than an inch?

If not, that’s because you have stubborn subcutaneous fat which can be hard to lose--unless you have a specific plan to torch it fast.

That’s why I created (and perfected) the 28-day Belly Fat Blaster.

Imagine, in less than 28 days...

  • Losing 5, 10 even as much as 20 pounds in 4 weeks
  • Being able to just pinch skin--NOT FAT...
  • All without starving yourself--in fact, you’ll eat better than you have in a long time...

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