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What if I told you in the next 30 days, you could have a shredded six pack by following a simple blueprint that breaks every single fat loss rule on the planet.

What if I told you "conventional" fat loss secrets preached by guru's might be secretly sabotaging your six pack quest, ruining your chances, killing your testosterone production and actually making you fatter...

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Would you think I'm crazy?

Maybe, but if give me a moment here to explain. 

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I’m Going To Share With You My #1 Secret FOR MAXIMUM SHREDDING IN MINIMUM TIME..

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I first broke free…

I was doing a little experiment over 30 days to see what would happen if I took a villain approach to fitness and broke every single rule…

Eating high carbs...

Training all the time...

Excessive cardio...

Targeted fat loss efforts...

I thought it was all going to  “crash and burn” at the time.

I’d been a fitness professional for 5 years and thought I’d seen and tried it all…

Yet what happened next shocked me… and took my six pack results to a whole new level.

30 days after my experiment... my six pack was better and more defined than ever before in my life... 

You know… the six pack you get in perfect lighting - except it was all the time.

Definition I never even new existed hard emerged.

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It was permanent and effortlessly maintainable.

I was hooked...

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We have been tricked…

…into believing that carbs are the reason so many people are struggling with excess body fat.

We are told to reduce carbs and increase fats if we want to lose weight.

Here’s the irony:

Your body RARELY stores carbs as body fat to any significant degree.

Your body doesn’t even change or convert the fat you eat before it gets stored as body fat.

Eat a lot of saturated fat?

Saturated fat is what will get stored on your body.

Use a bunch of vegetable oil?

Your body fat will contain that same type of fat.

For the most part…

Your stored body fat is simply the reserve tank for the excess dietary FAT that you EAT.

Where does the body store carbs?

Almost all of the fat you see on your body comes from the fats you eat.

The Fat Shredder Meals Fufill This 100x

Excess carbs get stored in your muscles as glycogen.

The only time your body attempts to convert carbs into fat is when your muscles are 100% full of glycogen.

Your muscles rarely reach this point.

The average person can store up to 1,500-2,000 calories of glycogen. It takes sustained extreme overfeeding of carbs before your body begins the process of converting carbs to fat.

As an upgrade bonus, you’re getting a must-have program I call..

Low carb high fat advocates like to point out that carbs raise insulin.

This does cause the excess fat you eat to get stored as fat.

But remember…

It is the fat you eat that gets stored as body fat, NOT the carbs.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot this simple fact.

We have been tricked…

…and I’m as guilty as anyone.

Typical Low Carb "Keto" Approaches For Fat Loss Cripple You From The Get Go...

Low carb high fat advocates like to point out that carbs raise insulin.

This does cause the excess fat you eat to get stored as fat.

But remember…

It is the fat you eat that gets stored as body fat, NOT the carbs.

Somewhere along the way, we forgot this simple fact.

We have been tricked…

…and I’m as guilty as anyone.

Look What Happened To My Private Clients When They Became Fit Villains And Broke All The Rules With Me...

30 Days From Now You Can Experience The Six Pack Superpowers In My Brand New 30 Day Speed Shred Program:

Inside The 30 Day Speed Shred Program You'll Discover...

  • How To Lose Up To 30lbs In 30 Days Eating All The Carbs You Want While Following One Sacred Rule...
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  • Six pack targeting: the science and application behind laser-targeting and destroying ab fat once and for all (No Coolscuplting required)
  • Carb Superpowers: How carbs ramp up calorie burn and energy expenditure, and why fats do NOT...
  • Screw Keto! How To Eat Up to 5000 Calories Per day Of Carbs And Not Store Any Of It As Body Fat
  • How to CRUSH protein guilt for good (this is the #1 reason people can't get abs for life)
  • Abs365: The secret to ending your diet off with a STRONGER METABOLISM so that you don't gain body fat back and keep your six pack for life
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  • And Much, much more...

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That’s my going rate for non-celebrity or business clients.

Now sometimes, I’ll also do private half or full days workshops for anywhere from $200 to $750 per person. (If I’m being sponsored by some fitness company or supplement company, price can be multiples higher.)

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Essentially, You Have 2 Choices And Regardless, You Will Choose One Of The Two Today:

Choice 1: You Can Take All The Tips And Info I Just Gave You And Try To Put The Puzzle Pieces Together On Your Own, Without Assistance...

And who knows? You may get lucky and, one day, see some progress. It will take longer, of course, and you'll make a lot of painful mistakes and waste days, months or even years (like I did) not really getting anywhere. And maybe one day, a few years from now, you will have arrived. Tired, broken and wondering if it was really worth it?

Will all those nights out you missed, the family dinners you ate “healthy” at and those girls you missed out on worth the body you have now? Was it really worth all that lost time and effort in the end?

But you can choose this. I am not stopping you.

However, There's The Smarter Choice: The One Really Savvy, Ambitious Men Take To Speed Up Their Progress Toward Building Their Very Own Badass Body...

ike I said, I wanted this to be a no-brainer for you. A complete done for you system that boosts testosterone, supercharges muscle growth and bulletproofs your body in just 10 minutes per workout all the while you’re slowly training your body to have wolverine like recovery.

In the beginning I would have sold this entire system to my clients for $397 ON TOP of what I was already charging for “in-person” training. I’ve had guys offer me upwards of $497/month just to learn these same secrets I’m sharing with you... And eventually I plan on raising the price of Anabolic Stretching 2.0 to its real value...

However, because I’m releasing this to the public for the first time, I’m looking to transform 1000 Men.

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