Steal This 2 Second Trick To Burn An Extra 31lbs Of Ab Fat This Year

How many hours do you sit per day?

Global studies show we sit for 7.7 hours per day on average, and some estimate people sit for up to 15 hours per day. For most people, it’s the latter.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it. You sit for three meals, on your way to work, at work, on your way home and in front of the TV at night.

That’s a lot of sitting.

Sitting is a silent killer that sneaks up on you - even if you’re healthy.

Not only does it promote ache’s, pains, cancer, and obesity - but chronic sitting actually makes it almost impossible to achieve a six-pack.


Because sitting dramatically lowers your body’s ability to burn stored energy, silently sabotaging your six pack quest.

There’s a simple solution though.

Stand as much as possible.

If you just switched to standing at work (8 hours per day), you would burn an extra 200-400 calories per day.

Sure not that much over a day, but within a year that’s about 31 lbs of fat burned - which is on average the amount of fat, people need to lose to get within striking distance of their six-pack.

Just stand.

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