The Six Pack Pill:

Take this every morning to melt fat, prevent cancer and carve a shredded six pack

Did you know there was once a time this forgotten medicine was once considered a “cure all”? Researchers suggest that increasing our intake of this forgotten medicine can:

  • Prevent cancer
  • Stop "brain fog" and improve focus
  • Stop migraine headaches
  • Boost energy and libido
  • Improve dry brittle hair and cracked skin
  • Stop food cravings
  • Kick your fat burning furnace into overdrive

Unfortunately for our health (and abs), it is one that has been largely forgotten.

But it wasn’t always that way.

Before the widespread use of prescription drugs, iodine was recommended for every ailment; from preventing cancer to destroying diseases and even healing wounds.

But new pharmaceuticals brushed iodine aside (because who is going to pay big bucks for something so cheap), and we see the result – exponentially increasing rates of metabolic syndrome x, cancer, and thyroid dysfunction.

These days, most of the iodine we get in our diets is from table salt. But now with people cutting back on table salt at home, they aren’t getting very much iodine.

What little they do consume may not be able to work effectively, either.

That’s because fluoride, chlorine, and bromide are increasingly consumed from foods or through environmental exposure.

These halogens (as they are called) lower iodine levels in the body by blocking iodine receptors - making it even harder to get the iodine our bodies crave.

Nature's Life-Changing Miracle Pill - Better Known As Iodine...

Unfortunately, these minerals aren’t just toxic for your thyroid – they’re dangerous for your health overall.

Fluoride is a problem because it blocks the ability of the thyroid gland to concentrate iodine, while bromide can cause depression, headaches, and even hallucinations.

Additionally, consuming soy and gluten (both are rampant in our 21st- century diet) blocks thyroid function and inhibits the uptake of iodine.

That’s all good and well, but what does that have to with six pack abs?

Iodine plays a pivotal role in thyroid health. For the uninitiated, your thyroid runs your metabolism. An optimized metabolism results in less body fat, more energy and yes an effortless six pack year round.

Of course, our minimum daily requirement is still set far too low – only 150 micrograms (mcg) per day. This is barely enough to prevent goiter, let alone enough to truly experi- ence the beneficial health effects.

The Japanese consume 50x more than the average American, yet, life expectancy in Japan is five years longer than in the western world, and infant mortality is half.

So if you haven’t already, stop reading right now and go buy an iodine supplement. I recommend Lugol’s Solution (

It’s a liquid mix of Iodine and Iodide (your body needs both forms of the element). Buy some 1% a bottle of 15%.

Start with one drop of Lugol’s Solution 1% per day.

Your body will need to adjust a with the sudden rise of Iodine.

Detoxification will start to occur at this stage as iodine starts to push out the other toxins. Drink lots of water, go the bathroom a lot.

There is a small chance of some digestive distress (since Iodine may annoy your gut bacteria.)

It’ll pass. Literally.

If you do just fine with the one drop of 1%, go to two drops per day. Then three, etc. When you get to 14 drops a day, next day take one drop of the 15% strength.

It’ll take a month or so to get your Iodine levels up, and turnover the other, toxic Halogens.

You will probably feel your energy levels rise, and hands/feet warming. Hair may stop falling out.

Fat begins melting away almost effortlessly, as your metabolism speeds up, revealing a shredded six-pack. Long- term, numerous cancer risks decline.

You kind of become superhuman, just like me.

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