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Are You Seeing This Randomized, Private Test Offer?

If you’re seeing this, congratulations!

You’ve been privately selected for a once in a life-time test offer…

Dear Friend,

This is no mistake. You are here, on this page, right now, for one of three reasons…

You can call it fate, destiny or karma, I don’t care. The bottom line is this:

In just a few minutes I am going to invite you inside one of the most important and exciting projects to ever come out of the Anabolic Empire…

But first, let’s discuss how you managed to find yourself reading these very words today…

  1. You took Massive Action and invested in yourself knowing you'll become a much better man as a result
  2. You want the “edge” over everyone else in life. You don’t settle for less than the best.
  3. You know and understand the power of mentorship and masterminds and want to take the highway to success; in fitness, fortune and freedom.


If you’re reading this, it means you’re on the outside rim of the inner circle, about to move inward towards something special

There are certain laws of life which cannot be ignored including gravity, thermodynamics and time to name a few. There are also laws of the universe. These also should not be ignored.

One of the most important laws of the universe if the law of averages. Put simply: you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, real or virtual. If you hang out with bums, you too, will eventually become a bum. 

However, hang around the best, and you become the best.

You are a product of your environment, much more than you are a product of your genetics.

And the beautiful thing is this: You can always control your environment.

Love it? Stay and help it flourish.

Hate it? Leave and find a new one.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Let’s just be clear that I’m going to do what I can to make this a no-brainer for you, to really make sure that you get insane value from it. But before any of that, let’s cover the basics.

While many definitions have been thrown around since the 1920’s when Napoleon Hill quantified it, we can essentially boil it down to this:

A “mastermind” is basically a group of like-minded, ambitious individuals who network and share ideas, with the intention of helping everyone in the group advance both individually and collectively.

One of the most powerful masterminds, known to date was that of Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone. These industry titans met in secret to swap ideas, strategies and tactics. No wonder they were so successful. They had each other to lean on!


The Anabolic Academy

Free For The First 100 Ambitious Men Today!

After 7 days you'll be charged $47/month. Cancel at any time.

Mission Statement

The Anabolic Academy Was Created To provide cutting edge training, developmental materials and one-of-a-kind opportunities, to an exclusive global brotherhood of likeminded badasses focused on one thing: Becoming the best version of themselves in fitness and in life.

Imagine An Exclusive Club Where You Are An Integral Part Of Something Extraordinary. Exposed Every Day To Excellence...

Building and living a highly successful life is like running complex machinery–there are a lot of moving parts. The goal for me is to not just help you build a bigger machine (or, worse, a machine with bigger parts), it’s help you create something that functions smoothly and easily, without as much attention as you might think.

A big part of this is built right into the coursework of the mastermind itself.

I can tell you first hand that building a big, profitable business, a ripped body and becoming a social god demands a lot if not ALL of your time. You’ll very quickly learn that time is more valuable as a currency than cash. Trust me.

What’s the point of having it all, if you have no time to enjoy it?

To help you avoid that, we’re going to basically focus on everything you need to live an awesome life: fitness tactics, biohacking, peak performance psychology, social dynamics, time-management, basically guiding yourself towards greatness; In Fitness, Family, Freedom and Fortune.

As An Inaugural Launch Bonus, We Are Throwing In a 90 Day, Anabolic Advantage $1000 Transformation Prize...

Listen people are motivated by the carrot and the stick. And while most fitness coaches enjoy using the stick, I, and my partner Joe, agree that the carrot is what causes true lasting changes.

And so here's the deal.

Sign up for free today (if there are still spots left) and stay with us for a measly 90 days. Every month you'll get custom workout plans (for the gym and on the road), advanced nutritional strategies, unannounced bonuses and exclusive coaching opportunities and discounts to build your anabolic advantage.

Show us your transformation 90 days later and if you're the best, we will hand you $1000 cold hard cash.

Simple as that.

After 7 days you'll be charged $47/month. Cancel at any time.

How Much Would This All Be Worth To You?

In the last year, Tzemis Fitness has been blowing up and growing at a rate faster than I could have ever imagined. And while I am thankful for all the souls I get to touch, it does present me with a small dilemma…

When the group was smaller, I was able work with more individuals one on one, zeroing in on exactly what they need to change to get to the next level as fast as possible. Whether that is with fitness, business or life.

And as the group has grown, I’ve transitioned to consultations. And while these consults are extremely effective in getting you laser focused on what you need to do, they do cost a small fortune. We're talking $497 for one hour. And my partner Joe LoGalbo, charges the same.

Last month, I was approached by a group of 3 young, ambitious men who wanted to split the cost of the consult.

At first, I said no. However I took a step back and decided to take a leap of faith…one that I can honestly say was the spark needed to make this program, a reality.

What I thought was going to end up a disaster, ended up being nothing shy of brilliant. All 3 men walked away confident and laser focused on what needs to get done. More importantly however, they were able to get expert knowledge without breaking the bank.

Anabolic Academy is the answer on how I collectively share my exclusive knowledge, as well as other highly regarded industry experts to everyone so that they can emulate our success – without costing a fortune.

And for the inaugural launch, to test drive the group, we are offering a free trial, then just $47/ month. Yes, you could invest just $47 and turn it into $1000 cash, and killer body.

Talk about a great ROI.

50,000 Anabolic Empire Brothers And Only 100 Will Get In...

In other words, it's not for everybody.

That said, if you are reading this now, you can consider this letter your personal invitation to the opportunity of a lifetime.

An opportunity to use everything I and many other industry experts have shared, learned and perfected over the past few years once and for all to create a kickass destiny for yourself.

You’ll never be the same.

Most guys would be happy to improve their life by 10%. Not you.

A 10% improvement means that you’re basically doing the same things as every other guy. You probably won’t fail spectacularly but you are guaranteed to not succeed wildly.

You're here cause you want more than that...

I want you to be the best. You want to be the best.

It’s time to man the fuck up and take control of your destiny.

After 7 days you'll be charged $47/month. Cancel at any time.

Will YOU Be One Of The 100?

Have you ever seen the movie 300?

Those 300 Spartan Warriors Trained night and day together since they were six years old. To fight and ultimately conquer their enemies.

The only question is... Will you be one of us?

Honestly, I hope so.

This is your one and maybe only chance to make the changes that will ultimately shape your destiny.