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Subject Line: Do you suffer from SRS? (Kills Muscle Growth)


Have you ever felt no matter how long you went to the gym, certain exercises or workouts just aren’t working for you like they used too? Have you tried every supplement or “shocking technique” under the sun and the results still don’t come?

Welcome to S.R.S.

Remember, when you first started lifting you had very high “Strength Sensitivity.” That’s a fancy way of saying your muscle cells were primed to grow.

However, when that muscle growth started slowing down, your body hit a small plateau which is the beginning stages of “Strength Resistance.”

This is where you stop growing no matter what you do. And for a guy not on juice, it sucks. Like trying to row upstream without a paddle. Eventually you’ll tire out and give up.

Following advice from the chemically enhanced, will do nothing to help your body break through this wall. Leading you down a never ending rabbit hole of disappointment, permanent plateaus and unfulfilled dreams.

Click the link below and discover how to overcome this muscle-wasting problem during your workouts