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Congratulations and THANK YOU for making the awesome decision to invest in the Badass Body Blueprint. I'm damn proud of you and super pumped for you to get your hands on the program and really deep dive into it. Without a doubt, The Badass Body Blueprint is one of the best things I’ve ever created.

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And as a true thank you for being part of the inaugural launch, I just want to take a quick second to provide you with something incredible, something that will make the program even more effective for you. Something that will kick your results into overdrive.

And that, my friend, is the Badass Body Blueprint OVERDRIVE Pack

Very simply the Overdrive Pack is a combination of advanced components that can be used both alongside the main program and after you’ve completed it, to make sure that you’re getting the absolute most out over every single aspect of the Badass Body Blueprint.

Now, The Overdrive Pack Isn’t Just An “Add-On”

It’s a 10x Force Multiplier For The Entire Badass Body Blueprint Experience.

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Introducing The Badass Body Blueprint Overdrive Package

Here's what's included in the 7-Component Overdrive Package...


First off, I’m going to provide you with 60 days of completely “done-for -you” Badass meal plans. These meal plans have been specifically created for the Badass Body Blueprint box
program so that they are tasty, simple and very easy to make

(I’m an awful cook).

  1. 2 Full months of daily, meal-by-meal menus
  2. Easy to cook, delicious recipes
  3. Testosterone optimized diet plans for maximum results

That’s a full 2 months of daily, meal-by-meal menus to further make what is the easiest total body transformation program you’ll ever come across even easier. But I didn't stop there…


The KING of Done-for-You.  Simply enter your weight and estimated body fat percentage and the
calculator will immediately give you your exact total calorie daily, right down to how many grams of carbs, protein, and fat to eat for each type of day and each phase.1

  1. 2 second calculations to get you started right now
  2. Calorie breakdown for each phase and day
  3. Complete daily macronutrient breakdown to effortlessly hit your goals.

What would have taken 45 minutes to calculate manually just turned in to 2 seconds (literally) AND you get the immediate results already neatly formatted right there on your computer!


Let’s face the facts. There are times in life where we want and need to get extra aggressive with fat loss.
Whether it’s special events like vacations, holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, class reunions or even a photo shoot, there are many times throughout the year where we
have to look good –fast.2

That’s what this blueprint delivers.  

  1. over a dozen aggressive tactics and strategies you can use to get the fat to fall off your body quickly without damaging your metabolism.
  2. the exact 7 day timeline you need to follow so you can hit your target goals with precise accuracy
  3. How to make sure you look picture perfect for that special day, whether it’s a holiday, wedding or photoshoot, we got you covered.

Our private clients love this guide and they turn to it every time an unexpected deadline approaches or they just want to get back on the fast track to fat loss.


Everybody wants abs. But you’re here which means you are looking for something more. Something better.
That’s why I’m giving you the Badass Abs Finishers..3

  1. 10 minute Ab circuits will carve you up like nothing you’ve seen before.
  2. Learn how to build razor sharp, dense abs that look just as good in bad lighting as in good.
  3. Beginner, intermediate, expert and advanced options for all fitness levels.

No more bullshit. Just the Honest truth. Simply tack on one of these short 10 minute routines to the end of your workout and watch the magic unfold.


Getting lean or staying lean, and adding muscle, requires doing things right, and that includes starting the day with a single goal: keep the body burning fat for as long as possible.

4Sometimes though, I get up at 6am and don’t eat until 1pm.
That’s a long time without food...

The Badass OD shake solves this problem. This is my go to formula for superhero energy, laser focus while melting fat like butter in a microwave. Its formula is specifically designed to do 4 things

  1. Control hunger
  2. Keep burning body fat
  3. Prevent muscle loss
  4. Maximize Focus

Laser-focus, super energy and enhanced metabolic activity is just a sip away.


5By now you probably see the Badass Body Blueprint system does not require you to sacrifice your lifestyle.

Yet when you pick up a menu at a restaurant finding a healthy fat-burning meal can still feel like Mission Impossible III - especially if you’d rather not look like an oddball to everyone else at the table…

However just stick to the recommendations in this detailed plan and you’ll enjoy dining out every single time with zero fear...


You must read this before your next Friday night on the town or holiday party…6

I’ll be honest… You cannot go hog wild on the drinks even with the flexibility of the Badass Body Blueprint; Yet you can enjoy social drinking and unwinding with a glass of your favourite red wine as long as you follow these simple strategies including…

  1. What to eat BEFORE a night of social boozing
  2. The best time to indulge in "drinks night"
  3. My secret-weapon hangover cure (no one knows this one!)

And MUCH more..


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Each week you’ll receive an audio file or report containing "secret" information and/or interviews  with world-class expert and/or special guests. Each interview will be jam-packed with powerful strategies and tactics for building a badass body, social circle and financial freedom that any man can use, regardless of your current situation.

That’s right – every singe week there is a brand new interview and/or report focusing entirely on “WHAT’S WORKING NOW”.

Everything from biohacking to building multi million dollar online brands and six week speed shredding to piling on slabs of lean muscle and becoming an ALPHA male.

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