Another special report from Celebrity Fitness Coach Peter Tzemis...

Revealed: 3 Secrets To a Razor Cut Core! 

He was near tears.

They say grown men don’t cry.

But: Have you ever heard the sudden gasps of air a guy takes recounting a PTSD-worthy traumatic event in their life?

That was Trevor. For the better part of an hour, he did just that.

Constant... involuntary... gasping

They say guys are reluctant to show their feelings.

Which makes my story all the more poignant.

I first met Trevor in the locker room at LA Fitness.

He had just lost his girl. 

Now this wasn’t just any girl. Or just any break up.

Laurie worked at LA Fitness. In fact, she was one of their elite fitness models/coaches.

Trevor and her had been going out together for almost a year.

He really dug her. And he thought the feelings were mutual.

Until about a week ago, when she lowered the boom.

She had found someone else. Someone fitter, more attractive and better looking than Trevor. 

Ouch. That had to hurt.

She done kicked him to the curb.

But that wasn’t the worst of it...

On his way out the door, Laurie said some pretty mean things to him.

... She said she “wouldn’t be caught dead standing next to him.”

... She said while she knew he tried hard, he just wasn’t “cut enough” for her tastes.

... She said being in a romantic relationship with him was bringing her status down at LA Fitness

Whoa. That musta stung.

             There was however, a ray of hope-           and a price to pay

So Trevor’s there practically sobbing on the locker room bench, rocking, head in hands and he says that after a lot back and forth, she’s giving him “one last chance.”

“Just so you don’t think I’m some cold-hearted bitch, I’m giving you one last chance. You have one month.

In 30 days I want to see a guy who’s ripped. Who’s shredded.

If you think you’ve got what it takes, go for it. If you don’t, then don’t. It’s up to you.

But the prize if you do? Me.

I love you but I need a guy who looks HOT.”

Now, candidly? I heard that and I’m thinking “what a mind fvck. I’d tell her to go fvck herself.”

Trevor on the other hand is all over the idea.

Of course! He still loves her, that’s why. And that makes all the difference.

There’s only one problem:

                He has no idea how he’s going to              accomplish it

I mean Trevor’s pretty fit, but he’s far from having that chiseled look, if you know what I mean.

And you’d have to admit, thirty short days is not a whole lotta time at all to make it happen.

But still, he has a couple of things going for him:

1. Trevor loves his girl and wants to keep her. (I admire that actually...) 

2. Trevor’s committed--it’s do-or-die time. He HAS to make this happen...

3. Trevor’s pretty fit already and used to putting in the work, he just doesn’t look it (yet)... 

4. Trevor’s willing to learn...

So here’s what I tell Trevor:

“Trevor, if this girl is truly worth it to you, I *KNOW* how to make this happen. All I ask? Is that you trust me.”

Hi, my name is Peter Tzemis and I’m considered America’s Honest Fitness Coach.

I could brag about my reputation, accomplishments and client list as an elite personal trainer, but suffice to say for now, my clients and I share a very tight relationship.

I care about them and I want to see them get the best out of their body, mind and soul.

Between you and me? I took Trevor on as a pretty bold challenge. (And secretly, I felt kinda sorry for him.)

Trevor however was elated. I’ve never seen a man so happy.

And so, we got to work...

But first a CRUCIAL decision...

Now if you’ve ever tried to get ripped, let alone in 30 days, you know how DAUNTING a task it is.

So instead, here’s what we did. And I have to admit, it’s a little sneaky.

First, let me ask you a question...

What part of a man’s anatomy do women admire the most? (Besides his member, of course)

There’s a body of evidence that more than suggests... it’s his abs.

Now maybe we couldn’t get Trevor ripped entirely, but what we could do is FOCUS--focus on THE ONE MUSCLE GROUP that women admire most.

The one muscle group that makes all the difference.

ABS. And Trevor loved the idea.

That’s because Trevor said Laurie would often comment on the abs of other guys.

They’d be at the beach or sitting poolside or watching TV and she’d sometimes ask…

“Trevor, why can’t YOU have abs like that?”

Or she’d come home from La Fitness and gush

“You shoulda seen this guy at the gym...”

Sheesh. Talk about emasculating a man. At the time, comments like these would make him cringe with embarrassment and envy.

He wanted to hide under a rock.

But now?

He saw how if he just targeted his abs and he got them to look like a tray of ice cubes rather than a thick layer of whale blubber, the worst that would happen is Laurie would give him another shot to work on himself longer term.

Especially if his abs were really cut.

That was the strategy, here was the masterplan...

3 Keys to a Razor Cut Core…

To achieve the results needed to win Laurie and her affections back, Trevor needed a plan and a strategy for sculpting his abs.

This plan which I have used time and time again with my personal training clients, integrated THREE ESSENTIAL KEYS:

1. Targeted Fat Loss: They say it isn’t possible, but there is a growing body of research that says yes, it IS possible.

More importantly, I’m doing it right now and it’s working consistently with private clients.

2. Deep Ab Work: Trevor already had good strong abs that were fit. Punch him in the gut? And he didn’t even flinch.

However, to achieve the chiseled definition we seek, we need to make strategic rips and tears in the muscle fibers at certain points, so that they mend bigger AND MORE DEFINED.

The effect we’re going for is making the muscles “pop”.

And we do that by employing what I call “deep work” exercises--specifically targeted to the abs.

3. Neural Abdominal Reprogramming:  To make even more rapid progress, we’ve got to keep improve your capacity to recruit your abdominal muscles. 

Ever not feel your abs work when doing core exercises? Poor neuro-ab connection is the issue.

That means we’ve got to sneak up on the muscle groups, working them so that they always feel like they’re being worked out for the very first time.

In other words, if we’re in pain much of the time, that’s actually a good thing.

Despite the pain, Trevor had a GREAT work ethic. And here’s what happened next to his body:

  • 1

    Trevor’s abs are in shock.

    They don’t know what hit them. Trevor sucks it up and takes it with a smile

  • 2

    Trevor’s abs start to respond.

    You can actually see muscle fibers twitch beneath the surface of his ever thinning subcutaneous fat when you touch them

  • 3

    Now we’re really getting somewhere!

    21 days in, and his abs are a prominent part of his physique. More than obvious to the eye, this guy unmistakably has abs to die for

  • 4

    Now like clockwork, comes the payoff

    Trevor’s abs are defined. Hard like six smooth river rocks under a sheet of Saran Wrap.

Here’s the secret to optimizing your abs

I must admit that during the homestretch, Trevor put in even more work because he was actually seeing incredibly cut abs and like a sculptor, he now knew how to chisel them for optimum effect.

He’d never seen how body sculpting was really done.

You see, in order to be cut, you must understand your anatomy at a muscular level, able to call out to them by name and function.

For instance, you have ab muscles you can see, like Rectus Abdominis... External Obliques... and Serratus.

And then, you have muscles you can’t see like Transverse Abdominis... Internal Obliques... and Intercostals.

You see, we target (especially at the end of the program) each individual muscle with certain exercises or activities performed in certain sets or sequences.

The result is what I call “the rock wall effect” when you muscles are QUIVERING in a soup of testosterone, adrenaline and endorphins.

It’s like you’re scaling a sheer rock wall, scared shitless to look down... AND your muscles are at the point they’re giving out.

That’s what gives us the rush we want.

The plan I devised for Trevor worked like a charm (again.) Here’s how I knew:

As part of our “project”, I’d take Trevor around to different gyms I coach at. (I wanted him away from LA Fitness for a while.)

And the women at these other gyms would often pull me aside and ask who my client was. (They thought he was a movie star or something, the way I was working him.)

Anyway, he was catching their eye. That’s for sure.

It was about this time, I started to give thoughts to documenting my plan and sharing it with guys. There’s a crying need out there for something that truly works.

I call my creation, this ultra-targeted abs workout plan...

Six Pack Finishers

Now, please don’t be confused.

Six Pack Finishers is not a simple list of exercises. Nor is it an encyclopedia of ab fitness, or bodybuilding or even ab workouts.

No. Six Pack Finishers does one thing and only one thing really well:

Give you abs with that defined, chiseled effect EVERY girl wants to touch

You can also expect several other benefits:

 - If you have a solid set of abs to begin with, this is going to work perfectly for you and you’ll start to see results within 7 to 10 days...

- When you stick to the program, you’ll be getting immediate feedback directly from your body. Kinda like a FitBit but better because you won’t even have to look...

- I encourage you to take before, during and after pictures. (Send them to me if you want.) These irrefutably show the progress you’re making in subtle ways that prove these abs are yours and you own them.

- I’m not saying you’re going to become a fitness model, IG celebrity or anything, but my clients have been known to get approached for freelance photoshoots.

Plus you'll also discover...

  • Six Pack Finishers From Beginner To Advanced To Carve You Up So Nicely Michelangelo Would Be Proud...
  • The SPF Technique That Burns 9X More Body Fat In Half The Time To Reveal Your Badass Abs...
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  • The right way to work the "deep abs" so that you can walk around with a mid section every girl will melt for
  • How To Properly Activate Your Abs For Maximum Definition And Strength So that You Get Warp Speed Results In Half The Time...
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“So what’s the price for Trevor’s results, Peter?”

It took me three mad-scientist years and some 25 paying clients to perfect the ab-sculpting information you’ll find in Six Pack Finishers.

You see, when I do coaching, like I did with Trevor, I normally work with guys (and a few girls) for about $1000 a month.

That’s my going rate.

Now sometimes, I’ll also do private half or full days workshops for anywhere from $200 to $750 per person. (If I’m being sponsored by some fitness company or supplement company, price can be multiples higher.)

That sounds like a lot but actually, it’s quite the bargain when you think about it.

I mean what price would you pay to be able to lose 20 pounds fast... or get ripped... or have a couple of cannons... or get Adonis-like abs? Coached by a guy who’s been there, done that and got the T-shirt?

And more importantly, won’t give up on them...


But guess what? This is a launch... you’re a part of my tribe... I’m in a frickn’ great mood... you could be the next Arnold someday... so who am I to deny you that dream?

Fvck that.

So let’s do this, ok? I’m giving you a deal right now while the clock is still ticking.

Go ahead and click the button below and you’ll get instant access to Six Pack Finishers for just…

$19 bucks (Regularly $127)

Peter Tzemis’ 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

For a moment, I want you to imagine something for me.

Imagine that you’re looking in the mirror and you’re looking back at yourself.

Go ahead and look down into it. Bare chest. Faded blue jeans. Smile/smirk on your face.

Of course, you could be smiling because you’re sporting a 6-pack, bordering on an 8-pack.

But THAT’S NOT why you’re smiling.

Look into the mirror again. Closer. Into the background.

What do you see?

That’s right, a woman. A particularly hot woman.

Dressed in her Victoria Secrets. Laying on her tummy in a flurry of white sheets.

She’s begging for you to come back to bed. “Honey... Baby... I wanna love those abs…”

That’s YOUR future once you commit...

Now you may be wondering “How did it turn out for Trevor?”

Well, at the end of thirty days, Trevor and Laurie went out to dinner.

Kinda upscale but nothing fancy.

Laurie was reluctant but still willing.

Trevor deliberately wore a long sleeved shirt. One of those fancy clubbing shirts.

At the restaurant, Trevor made sure he sat right next to Laurie, in a very quiet, romantic section.

Then after dinner, feeling a little nervous, he opened up the conversation about her challenge. (Me and him had this entire night scripted out.)

And at some point, Trevor starts unbuttoning his shirt from the bottom up... Slowly.

Laurie’s eyes reveal her curiosity.

At midpoint, Trevor asks Laurie to close her eyes and hold out her hand.

He takes her hand and gently guides it to his midsection.

With her eyes closed, she tentatively touches his abs and gently starts to feel his stomach.

Then she starts to press.

And then she starts to poke.

“They’re hard as rock, Trevor. Can I see?”

“Later.” He says.

“Then let’s get out of here” she smiles coyly.

And in the car, she just can’t resist. She starts unbuttoning his shirt again to see for herself….

“Trevor! Oh my! Your abs are so ripped! What did you do?”

And she starts kissing him. Not on his mouth... but his abs!

Laurie licked and kissed and caressed every crease, every crevice, every bulge of abs.

Savoring the moment, he just about came right there.

And it was then, he knew he’d won Laurie back.

Pretty cool, uh?

It’s gets WAY better later on that night.

Trevor doesn’t have to be the only one having all the fun

Listen, Trevor’s story is inspiring and all, I get that.

But to me? IT’s YOUR STORY that matters now.

- Maybe you’ve been working out for years and hit a plateau. (We’ve all been there and this *WILL* break you out)

- After working out for months, maybe years, you’re just looking for some tangible results you can look at...

- Maybe some of the magic has gone out of your relationship and you want to rev it back up. (Secretly women appreciate a guy who works on himself...)

- Or maybe you’re just trying get laid regularly...

There’s only ONE REASON to get Six Pack Finishers

I’m gonna be straight up blunt with you:

  • Don’t buy Six Pack Finishers to get fit.
  • Don’t buy Six Pack Finishers to get healthy.

The only reason to get Six Pack Finishers is you want women to...


Imagine that you’re looking in the mirror and you’re looking back at yourself.

Go ahead and look down into it. Bare chest. Faded blue jeans. Smile/smirk on your face.

Six Pack Finishers is not for your self-esteem. It’s not to fit in your jeans better. It’s not designed as a confidence builder.

It’s for the women.

To satisfy their deepest genetically-wired desires to touch, caress and kiss A MAN who has abs to die for.

A man that has Magic Mike abs.

So give it to them, ok? And you’ll be more than rewarded for your efforts.

You have absolutely nothing to lose.

PeterSee you inside in just a second…

To Fitness, Freedom and Fortune,
Peter Tzemis

P.s. Later that night, back at Trevor’s place, besides the fun they were having (Laurie kept saying “I wanna touch your abs... I love your abs... Let me lick your abs, baby...”) Laurie also said something during a little pillow talk that’s worth remembering.

“The first thing I do when I meet a guy is look at his eyes, then look at his abs and then his shoes.”

I never thought about it that way, but it makes sense when you think about it.

Go ahead and click the button below get Six Pack Finishers plus the bonuses and see for yourself.

You’re about discover an entirely different approach to your ab work.

One that will make the ladies drool. You have my word.

There’s no risk and only positive upsides…

Time’s running out...