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Dear Friend,

Let me ask you a personal question…

Do you want to look better naked? I’m serious. Do you want to improve your physique in some way, shape or form?

Do you want to have more muscle, a chisel, defined set of abs, and leaps in herculean strength that oozes confidence in the gym?

Because I’m here to show you whatever training approach you're using now OR have used in the past can be improved by nearly 70%.

You’ll be able to double your current rate of muscle growth and strength gains...while spending HALF the time at the gym!

Your Total Body Musculature Will Be So Chiseled, The Ancient Italian Sculptor And Artist Michelangelo Would Be Proud...

However, stay with me for just a minute here. I know you're skeptical — who wouldn't be, with outrageous claims like this coming at you from all the bodybuilding magazines, late night infomercials, and supplement stores.

This is different. What I'm telling you is the God's honest truth, and you need to hear it because:

  1. I guarantee you the way you're training now is cheating you out of 90% of the growth you should be getting!

Over 14,432 men worldwide have already "come on board" with me, with absolutely astonishing results (which has caused people in their gyms to cry "steroids" even though they're totally natural)!

Hi, I’m Peter Tzemis,

Like a lot of guys, maybe including yourself, I once went down the well-traveled road of skipping workouts and excessive indulgence. Pizza was the norm late weekend nights. Alcohol was the only refreshment.

In fact, I became yet another casualty in the fight against the Freshman 15; yet it was more like the Freshmen 30 for me.

I have to admit this story is extremely EMBARRASSING to tell you…

But why am I doing this? Because I don’t want you to make the same mistakes I did.

I want to peel back the curtain and show you the exact turning point that allowed me achieve what GQ is calling “The Perfect Body.” The type of physique that comes complete with super strength, razor sharp abs and effortlessly attracts the opposite sex.

You’re going to get it all. How I did it and how you can too. Just make sure to keep reading.

The first time I looked at myself and realized my weight was a problem, was in the 6th grade. It was during soccer tryouts. I was competing for a spot with my cousin, Daniel. We ran our asses off. Gave it our all and did everything the coach told us to do.

Unfortunately, when judgement day came, I fell short. My cousin made it, but I didn’t. According to the coach, in his own round about way, I didn’t stand a chance. Why?

I didn’t have the right "body type" to play. Talk about being punched in the gut.

But that was just the beginning…

In my senior year of high school, I quit most sports and decided to “focus on my grades” which was code for party more and try to get laid. As a result...

At 17, I Clocked In At 239 Lbs And Remained Borderline Obese Without A Hint Of Female Attention.

Then something happened: I saw a picture of myself and realized I didn’t like the person in it. In fact, it disgusted me.
The guy in the picture looked slow, stupid and lazy.

Although, deep down I knew I was not those character flaws. Inside, I felt better than that. Like I was destined for something more. Something bigger and better than average.

Simply, I was fed up and decided to make a change.


I Wanted To Look Like Guys In The Movies…Instead Of  The Guys Serving Me Popcorn There

Being a bookish sort of person, I dove headfirst into all the fitness literature I could find.

I read everything on training, nutrition and supplementation I could get my hands on. I read for hours and trained for hours—and made every single mistake!

The thing about reading everything is there's just so much bad information out there. This is probably something you’ve noticed for yourself. Everything you read seems to contradict everything else you’ve read.

And, for the most part, you never really know what’s right, or wrong, or just plain stupid until you try it. So I tried everything. And it worked, sorta…

Despite the fact I made mistakes, I DID make progress: in two months I went from an obese 239 to a lean 170.

By the time I got to University, I had my routine down to a science. But just like anyone, my life changed dramatically when I moved into the dorm. And the excuses started piling up…

  • “The college gym is too far”
  • “I have too much homework to do”
  • “I’ll start going to the gym after this next test”

I was coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid working out, eating healthy and staying fit.

I quickly returned to my old ways. Pizza, booze and partying. And I got fat. Real fat.

All I Can Remember Is The Pain...The Excruciating Pain Of Being A Nobody.

Almost like I was invisible to the rest of the world.

My weekends were spent alone. I had few friends.  Zero job prospects and single; not by choice.

Getting high, playing video games by yourself and watching porn can only take you so far in life.

Girls acted like I wasn’t even there. Guys didn’t see me as a threat and left me alone.

I Felt Miserable And Alone, As If My Entire World Was Collapsing Around Me...

I'm sure you've had moments like this too, where the world knocks you down just a little too hard and you don't feel like getting back up.

And I’ll be honest, this time, I felt like curling up in a ball and just laying in bed. But then something came over me. I’m not sure what it was, yet I became angry. Flat out pissed off at my situation. Screw them and screw her because the truth is I had lost my way. I lowered my standards and it was MY fault.

Enough is enough! No more. I was done with it all!

It was time, once again to make a change. However this time, this change would be permanent. I was going to do whatever was necessary to build a Badass Body and join

the “genetic elite”

Which Is When Lady Luck Handed Me The Opportunity Of A Lifetime...

I was walking down the hallway of my university on the way to class when I saw an advertisement for a fat loss study.

I signed up immediately and met the mentor who forever changed my life: Dr. L.

Dr. L. specialized in peak performance psychology and training. He took a liking to me and my case. He then proposed the deal of a lifetime.

He promised to give the keys to fitness freedom in just 6 weeks BUT I would be doing some unconventional training work reserved only for the elite. Tricks he picked up at his time at the US training centre in Colorado

It was this protocol that Dr. L. put my body through that allowed me to evolve from boy to man. And I did it 42 short days. Trust me, it doesn’t take 5 years to look great with your shirt off. And you don’t need to spend a ton on supplements, eat nothing but grilled chicken or spend hours in the gym.

Muscle piled on faster than ever. My abs were popping like never before and my chest looked like it was chiseled out of stone.

And with the new body, the girls came. My ego and other things have never been stroked like that before.

However, despite my success, I'm really no different than anyone else:

I just happened to stumble onto a really simple, step-by-step blueprint to see massive results when it comes to building a head turning, panty-soaking body.

A blueprint you can’t find in the muscle magazines or on YouTube. It’s never been brought to the limelight before until now...

And this isn't just the Blueprint I teach thousands of other ambitious men, just like you. It's the Blueprint I used to not only build the body of my dreams; but give me the confidence to start my own business, meet and attract beautiful women and become financially independent all in a few short years.

It’s The Blueprint That Turned Me Into What A Good Friend Of Mine Said...Badass.

And If You Want The Same Transformation, Yet Not Just In Your Body, But In Your Entire Life As Well, Keep Reading Because I Must Warn You About The REAL Problem You Face Today...

This is a real-life conspiracy, a villain in a black hat, and it's the sole reason why you might have struggled to achieve a badass body…

95% of the information peddled to you is by genetic freaks and steroid pumped meatheads.

If you are a guy with average genetics (like me) you’re not going to respond to the popular training advice spewed across the internet.

The shocking truth is you've been lied to. You’ve been suffocated by advice from so called “gurus” who are always contradicting themselves.

Here’s the deal…

As A Natural Guy Who's Not On Juice, Your Goal Is To Get Strong Because The Stronger You Get, The More You Will Grow.

However, 97.73% of muscle building programs out there have plateau’s built right into them.

Hitting a plateau is inevitable. Like catching the common cold, eventually it’s your turn

However the common cold, like the plateau, becomes an issue when it simply doesn’t go away.

Enter The Dreaded Strength Resistance Syndrome...

Have you ever felt no matter how long you went to the gym, certain exercises or workouts just aren’t working for you like they used too? Have you tried every supplement or “shocking technique” under the sun and the results still don’t come?

Welcome to S.R.S.

Regular Workout Plans Only Guarantee Strength Resistance Syndrome…

Remember, when you first started lifting you had very high “Strength Sensitivity.” That’s a fancy way of saying your muscle cells were primed to grow.a4

However, when that muscle growth started slowing down, your body hit a small plateau which is the beginning stages of “Strength Resistance.”

This is where you stop growing no matter what you do. And for a guy not on juice, it sucks. Like trying to row upstream without a paddle. Eventually you’ll tire out and give up.

Following advice from the chemically enhanced, will do nothing to help your body break through this wall. Leading you down a never ending rabbit hole of disappointment, permanent plateaus and unfulfilled dreams.

Here’s Just A Few Of These Lies You Need To Start Avoiding NOW To Fight Off “Strength Resistance” And Build A Badass Body...

Lie #1 You Must Go Balls To The Wall... AKA Train Hard Or Go Home.”

Training to failure, although smart in theory, is dumb. Here’s why…

Look, I have a feeling, if you’ve read this far you want one thing: To look like a greek god and perform like an athlete. You don’t want to look like a fat powerlifter or a meathead bodybuilder. So let’s learn from the athletes of the world instead of the drug induced bodybuilders...However let’s first look at this study fro the journal of applied physiology:


In 2006 scientists tried to once and for all prove that failure training is not superior to non-failure training. They recruited 42 competitive athletes. They were divided into three groups – calculator-2one group that trained to failure, one group that trained to non-failure, and one control group – and began the 16 week training program.

There was no significant different at the end of the study in the maximum strength of the two groups.

“In conclusion, both training to failure and training not to failure resulted in similar gains in 1-RM strength, muscle power output of the arm and leg extensor muscles, and maximum number of repetitions performed during the parallel squat.”

Furthermore the the non-failure group significantly increased muscle power during the final phase of training while the training to failure group did not. (1)

Yes they increased muscle power. This is why the athletes and olympians have gravitated toward this type of training.

Olympic weightlifters and strength athletes train for success not to failure. This allows them to sidestep any muscle breakdown and work each muscle group more frequently.

With quicker recovery time and more frequency, each muscle group can be trained more often. This gives you more “practice” with any given lift.

Here’s a little statement I want you to remember…

"Nerves that Fire together, wire together."

Donald O. Hebb, Canadian psychologist, sought to understand how the function of neurons contributed to processes such as learning. He is best known for his theory of Hebbian learning.

Hebbian learning, when applied to strength training, is the repeated practice of a lift.

This practice increases the neurological impulses to a muscle. Over time, your nervous system becomes more efficient at delivering high voltage to the muscle.

The more “practice” you get with a lift, the stronger you will become. The stronger you become, the more muscle your body can build. The more muscle you build, the more badass your body becomes.

LIE # 2  Chasing The Bouncing Red Ball

At first, anything new is great. Motivation is sky high and you're pumped to see results. However, a few weeks in and all the excitement wears off. You're left with the same old crappy dull toy you had before. Sounds a bit exaggerated but ultimately it's true.

We all love the newest shiny red ball, but before long, it's not so shiny, it's not so cool and then we want a newer, better, bigger ball.

The same holds true with workout programs, nutrition approaches, and supplementation. Instead of searching for honest, tested and scientifically-validated principles, you're on the lookout for the newest gimmick.

There is no end to fancy, complicated and unique tricks hacks and designs for workout. But the reality is that simplicity and consistency are the most important factors to success. This is because it creates a habit.

The problem with conventional workouts are that they aren't stimulating enough or they are too short to create a habit and build perseverance…

A study done by the University of Pennsylvania confirmed that grit and perseverance were key components of success. As stated in the study:

“Collectively, these findings suggest that the achievement of difficult goals entails not only talent but also the sustained and focused application of talent over time.” (2)

There is no way around it. The biggest pitfall for novice trainees and even experienced ones, without proper developed habits, is inconstancy. Skipping a workout here or there does matter.

Getting stronger requires and building a badass body requires you to string together a series of workouts over time. Every workout builds upon the last and is one step closer to reaching your end goal. And thus the importance of creating bulletproof habits

The Badass Body Blueprint is intentionally set up to take some time. Its enough time for a new habit to be installed and downloaded into your cerebral network. I want your badass body to be permanent and not some sort of “vacation from real life” you go on.

LIE # 3 You Need Hours Of Cardio To Get Ripped And Stay Shredded…

The worst lie of them all. Cardio is but one tool in your arsenal and abusing it does much more harm than good. The main issue with cardio is that doing too much ( like the recommended amount in many bodybuilding magazines) generates a high concentration of cortisol - the stress hormone.

Cortisol secretion is a natural response to stress and it's a good thing when released infrequently and for short periods as it helps the body deal with the threat to homeostasis.

However, when we're exposed to chronic and consistently elevated cortisol for extended periods of time, we experience long-term consequences.

Unfortunately, prolonged endurance training causes the body to release tons of cortisol.

Research from The Journal of Applied Physiology showed no increase in cortisol secretion after 10 minutes (at 75% intensity), but cortisol doubled after 30 minutes. (2)a6-e1470813465527

The longer the workout, the higher the cortisol, and the slower the speed before it returns to normal. This is demonstrated when comparing the cortisol levels of amateur endurance athletes with the general population. Those running the furthest and most frequently exhibited the highest levels.

Another study from 2011 analyzed the cortisol levels in 304 amateur endurance athletes and the average additional secretion above the control was 42%. (3)

Other than a long list of negative health consequences (altered immune function, cognitive decline, damaged reproductive health, bone loss, etc.), excess cortisol promotes fat storage and muscle loss. Mainly because it inhibits testosterone, and generates a poor testosterone-to-cortisol (T:C) ratio.

A high T:C ratio is anabolic (muscle-building). A low ratio is catabolic (muscle-wasting).

With cortisol increasing steadily throughout a workout and testosterone peaking at 20-30 minutes, an unfavorable T:C ratio is experienced during long exercise routines.

This leaves those training for hours with cardio in a chronic muscle-wasting environment...and those fooled into “running the fat off” not far behind.

So if you are a person with the goal of fat loss, but just don’t have the time to commit to hours and hours of running, GOOD NEWS, you should not do it anyway.

Commit to slow walking for 45 minutes to an hour, or a few intervals of sprinting, and you will be on your way to a badass body without the threat of cortisol.

Lie #4 Not Lifting Heavy Enough

The next time you hear someone say “lift lighter weights for 12-15 reps for muscle growth and to get ripped” the other way.

Bigger tasks recruit the bigger units. a7But when it needs the biggest motor units, it still uses the smaller ones. Your body will almost always recruit motor units in the same order, from small to medium to large.(4)

As you can see, when you're doing the most demanding movements—such as a near maximum deadlift or a bench press—you don't just recruit the biggest motor units. You use all of them.

Thus, heavy lifting is a unique muscle builder: It hits the smallest as well as the largest.

You get more bang for your buck and are able to build strength, muscle and a badass body that much faster.


Lie #5 You need to eat gargantuan amounts of protein to build muscle and stay lean.

The bodybuilding world has an obsession with protein because amino acids are the building blocks of muscle. The belief is the higher the protein intake, the better the rate of muscle growth.

However, eating protein doesn’t stimulate muscle growth, proper training does. You can’t out gain a bad workout with good nutrition. Exercise is a stimulus. Amino acids are just a ticket that allows growth to occur.

For example, did you know most men who look fit and ripped suffer from low testosterone? Yup, it’s true. Why? Because they neglect fats and carbs in favour of protein.

Furthermore, a study from 2007 published under the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology showed that high protein diets actually caused a dip in testosterone levels. (5)bbbbedroom

Protein should be consumed at the minimum effective dosage required for muscle support in training. The remainder of the diet should consist of carbs and fat if testosterone optimization is also one of your goals; which it should be.

No one wants a badass body with a limp noodle between their legs.

And those lies are just the beginning…

If you are going to push through Strength Resistance, and force your body to build more muscle and transform into a walking monument, you are going to have to do something different…

Very different

Conventional workouts are not designed to provide the stimulus you need to renew your “Strength Sensitivity”. Especially if you’re a normal guy with a career, a job and maybe a family.

You don’t want to enter a bodybuilding show and have to take steroids to reach your goals. Or have that “fat powerlifter” look.

However, you just want to look better with your shirt off. You want to command respect, high
status and power. You want to look slick in your suit. You want that chiseled "Greek God" physique that most of us men aspire to -
and all women lust after.

Like I said conventional workouts and even “shocking methods,” supplements and a perfect diet can’t always get you there. The fastest way to transform your physique is to transform how your muscles operate.

It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

It is a very specific combination of more strength, more progress, more frequency and more recovery.

The Answer To Conquering Muscle Building Plateaus And Building A Badass Body Is 48 Second Radiation Sets

Essentially this concept is like a stone being dropped in a pool creating ripples through out. The size of the stone is dependent upon the degree of your muscular contraction.

The harder you squeeze, the bigger the stone and larger the ripples, which in turn radiate out and activate more motor units for the movement. This results in more power and is the first step to unleashing 290x MORE GH in your body after just one set.

Let's do a test. Squeeze your fist just a little bit and you will notice the contraction in your hand mostly. Now squeeze a bit harder and you will notice it running up your arm perhaps to your shoulder.

Now squeeze as hard as you possibly can you will feel your midsection, glutes and hopefully the rest of your body participating in the contraction. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

You will notice yourself able to create more power and open a gateway of anabolic hormones in any activity by using the 3 parts to this principle.


    It has been long known that olympic athletes train in high altitudes as a form of legal blood doping. The good news is that you don’t have to do bicep curls on top of mount Everest to reap the same rewards.

    Never allowing a muscle to relax during a set while lifting slower, can make muscle hypoxic (deprived of oxygen). The lack of oxygen leads to an accumulation of lactate which, when done properly can be the first step to unleashing 290x more anabolic GH into your blood stream (8).

    Not only does hypoxia training preferentially activate fast twitch muscle fibers, it has been shown to cause a fiber type shift from slow to fast, thus increasing the potential for muscular growth and size (9)!

  • 50% 1RM

    By using 50% of your 1 rep max (1RM), you are giving your nervous system a much needed break from all the heavy pounding it goes through on a daily basis. Secondly, less weight means less breaking down of the muscle, which allows for faster recovery.

    Finally using a lighter weight and lifting slower, this also encourages better form when completing the exercise. This can be another factor in why it is superior for building muscle, as poor form is often linked with using a heavy weight due to increased momentum and swinging.



    Your muscles have no idea how much weight you’re lifting. You’ve all heard it before. They can’t recognize whether you’re lifting 5 lbs or 500 lbs. The ONLY things muscles know is tension

    If we can increase the amount of TENSION, we can increase muscle growth. Slowed tempo training is an ideal way to effortlessly increase tension in the working muscle.

    Lastly longer sets lead to more oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) also leads to the production of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS), which increase muscle satellite cell activation and proliferation (two key phenomenon involved in the muscle growth process) (10).

If You Don’t Have That Badass Physique Women Drool Over, Even Though You Are Spending Hours In The Gym, Crushing Workouts Every Week...It's Not Your Fault...

Now you know why and how you can take responsibility for fixing it…

I remember what it was like to be fat, broken and useless. So weak mentally and physically the wind could knock me over with a single gush of air.

But I also remember taking action. Day in and day out. Struggling for years then finally developing what is today, I believe the greatest training system on the planet; and a badass body to prove it.

And then the world started noticing too. Faster than ever other guys wanted the same thing.

So I Started Teaching It And Realized There's More Of A Need To Cut Through All The Bullshit And Deliver One Simple Thing: THE TRUTH

So I decided to put everything down into a simple, step by step plan any guy can follow to achieve the head turning, girl getting, respect commanding, badass body of his dreams…

I call it...

The Badass Body Blueprint

This blueprint is the only system I know of designed to reignite your strength sensitivity and increase muscle building growth hormone 290x through 48 second Radiation SetsAllowing your body to shockingly morph into a walking badass in only 42 short days with razor sharp abs, button-popping pecs and supreme confidence that oozes out of your pores.

Let Me Take You By The Hand, And Just Like Dr. L. Did For Me, I Will UNLOCK Your "Anabolic Advantage" Inside Your DNA... 

Before I let you in on the inside more, I need to tell you what it ISN'T, so there's no false expectations...a10

I'll be honest...this program will not turn you into Arnold Schwarzenegger overnight. I'd be lying if I said it could.

It also won't help you get shredded in 7 days, add 50lbs to your bench in a month or look like a fitness model in only 4 weeks.

However if you want a body that oozes confidence, respect and raw power in half the time, then keep reading.

Here's Just A Sample Of What You'll Discover Inside The Badass Body Blueprint, When You Invest In Yourself Toady...

  • Macro Masterclass: How to create meals that force your body to melt fat like butter in a microwave while avoiding the hunger bug 24/7.
  • The 1 skill every guy needs to master his metabolism and kill belly fat even if you believe you have those “big boned” genetics...
  • Discover the 48s radiation set that sparks super strength for the busy guy who insists on warp speed results… without wasting a second in the gym
  • The shocking cardio lie spewed across the internet and the 1 cardio hack you need to implement immediately or you can kiss away your badass body...
  • If you love sex, you’ll love this tip: The truth about cardio, fat loss and how they can boost or slash your master male hormone... (found on page 35)
  • The Complete 42 day Blueprint– taking you from where you are now to unleashing your inner badass complete with super strength, abs of steel, charisma and effortless seduction
  • Finally - how to make your abs POP without thousands of crunches and so defined they rip through your shirts in the wind...
  • The big strength training lie the bodybuilding world is keeping from you. Take control of this and blast past your buddies and turn your body into a piece of artwork (found on page 62)
  • The #1 workout law (that’s ignored in the magazines) to get masculine, button-popping pecs the opposite sex can’t help but want to feel and grab.
  • How elite athletes achieve jaw-dropping bodies and mind blowing ripped physiques with this little known method (adapted for us normal guys looking for an edge)
  • How circuit training can be the bane to your best buddy down below and strip you of your manhood
  • The perfect rest protocol that allows peak strength output...tripling your badass body results. Guaranteed.
  • The brutally efficient NOVA protocol: A cardio hack that boosts your metabolic rate by 300% and directly targets and burns off stubborn ab flab
  • My infamous ARD Secret: How to smash plateaus, supercharge recovery and skyrocket testosterone for a rapid badass transformation.
  • How to master the art of strength progressions so you banish strength resistance for life.
  • This most overlooked principle is the key to the ultimate Badass Physique. This one secret will transform your body, sex and business life forever.
  • F.O.C.U.S. Goal setting: How to track your progress, set goals and reach new heights so you know exactly how close you are to reaching Badass Body Status
  • Discover the fastest way to getting six pack abs–without giving up beer (oh yeah, no crunches required either...)
  • Libido Superfoods – how to spike your morning smoothie so you have sustained energy, focus and concentration all day long
  • The hebbian rule: once popularized by the ancient greek olympians 2000 years ago that’s key to building super strength in minimal time. (found on page 29)
  • The mental mastery guide to building the body of your dreams (most people fail because they don’t get this handled)
  • Are your abs hibernating? How to wake them up with this 60 second exercise flow and rewire your genetic coding to cover model ready abs
  • How to unlock true “muscular efficiency” that builds rock-hard muscle density (allows you to keep that "full look" even if you take a week off from the gym!)
  • If you're overweight, I'll show you the reason why it's not your metabolism...(and it's not your genetics either)
  • Finally Revealed: How to install and activate your own “six pack DNA”, showing you exactly how to take that unleaded gas you’re fueling your life with and swapping it out for jet fuel...

Here's What The Early Testers Had To Say...

Rick A.

Peter doesn’t just know his stuff, he lives and breathes it. Working with him as been one of the best decisions I have ever made towards achieving my goals for a better body, more energy, and upgraded lifestyle. I can stay lean year round now even though I workout less, sometimes not at all. Being an entrepreneur and a fitness enthusiast leaves me little time to plan my workout  diet . Peter makes it effortless. He truly is on another level. The Badass body blueprint is the only program I recommend take your body to the next level.

Rick A. CEO, Inspired to Influence
Zanther M.

This program is like nothing I’ve ever seen. It’s challenging, groundbreaking and actually delivers results. Peter’s honest approach is like nothing I’ve seen before. Peter should be illegal…that’s how good he is.

Zanther M. Philanthopist
Joe L.

Finally, a muscle building protocol that doesn’t look like every other program on the market. Peter’s methods for packing on muscle are unique and WORK. Give him 66 days and you’ll add inches of brand new muscle to your frame in a fraction of the time.

Joe L. Creator of The Anabolic Running System
Jerry R.

Just wrapped up my first 6 figure year and having my best year ever as an athlete.I’ve been telling all my friends that your products are god-like at worth 100X the cost. BBB knocks it out of the park… 

Jerry R. Professional Athlete and CEO of Dipped NJ
Dan Y.

After my knee surgery, I fell into a lull of inactivity and poor eating habits which led to unwanted weight gain. When I started working with Peter and the Badass Body Blueprint, it was able to instantly change my mindset and light a fire under my ass. His energy, aura and belief in his clients is nothing short of remarkable. Anyone who wants to change their body or life should be following him religiously.

Dan Y. Chiropractor Student
Mason P.

For the longest time, I was stuck in this plateau. Not really in shape, but not so bad that I was inspired to make a change. Peter and the badass body blueprint system gave me new standards to aim for and drive. I have never experienced a program like this before. It truly is next generation.

Mason P. Co-Founder, LazyWaves Surf Apparel

Now, Imagine For A Second, You Decide To Put Yourself First Today And Give The Badass Body Blueprint Your Best Shot...

You download the entire course, read through everything and begin. You take that first step towards a journey of a thousand miles.…

Now, Imagine looking at yourself in the mirror 4 weeks from now and seeing the progress...

Your body and muscles surging to an entirely new level of growth and prosperity

Your definition is becoming more apparent while veins are bulging out of your biceps.

You see yourself adding weight and smashing plateaus to lifts you’ve likely been stuck at for months or years…

Then after a few short months, the difference in your physical prowess will be nothing short of remarkable. You’re walking around super strong, with razor sharp abs and a body that girls drool over.

One by one, people will begin treating you differently. Really differently.

They know that you’re someone different. Someone special. Someone thoughtful.

They’ll come to think of you in a different way.

Doors Will Open. Life-Changing Opportunities, Made Especially For You, Will Fall Directly Into Your Lap. 

People will talk about how they find themselves thinking about you when you’re not around.

Can you see how powerful this is? Can you appreciate how simple this can be? Are you ready to make this your reality?

Listen: I've gotta be totally honest with you, so there's nothing left to chance:

If you're looking for yet another a generic muscle building body builders plan or a "hardgainers" get huge plan or a quick fix 10lbs in 10 days plan.

You know what I mean and let's just be honest: these are not solutions, they are train wrecks waiting to happen, and you KNOW they don't work.

If that's you, and I'm trusting it's not, then you need to leave this website right now. The Badass Body blueprint isn't pie-in-the-sky fantasy land nonsense - it's the real deal, and it's only for folks like you who are really serious about their body.

However, what if you had the power to transform into the physique you’ve always desired starting today and do it all in just 66 days from now?

What if you could melt fat, build super strength, and smash every single PR?

What If You Could Be The Man Girls Drool Over And All Your Buddies Are Jealous Of When You Rip Your Shirt Off At The Pool?

This program can do all of that for you. And much more while setting you up on a path for continual, permanent results.

When I Was A Kid I Dreamed Of Being Somebody Important... Somebody Special... I Wanted To Be       "That Guy"

I wanted to be someone amazing…

You see, every guy dreams of making his mark on the world.

You want to be known as a badass. A badass who is recognized, acknowledged and respected. A badass who can inspire people in unique and unforgettable ways.

Deep down, you know this. You yearn to be someone powerful. You’d be lying to yourself if you said you didn’t.

5 years ago, fighting back hot tears, I made a vow to myself; one that would change the course of my life forever… and what a ride it has been.

The Money, The Power, The Fame, The Women. And Most Of All, The Freedom I Have. All Because I Was Able To Take Control Of One Thing: My Body.

And right now, it’s your turn.

The Badass Body Blueprint is a completely unique step-by-step 66-day program that reignites your strength sensitivity to drastically morph your physique into a Badass... 

Bypassing societies bullshit and getting to the truth has become a specialty of mine. This Blueprint is the brain child forged from thousands of failures and a few, amazing successes.

It’s time for a different approach to the game. One that actually works and isn’t filled with empty promises. One that’s simply, Honest.

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Bonus 1 - The Fast Start Guide ($19 Value)

Alright, so you're just about ready to begin the program and you want to make sure you have everything lined up for success. TherebookA's an old saying that if you fail to plan, you can plan to fail.

Well, I've taken every step to make sure that doesn't happen to you – and I want you to do the same.To that end, I've created the Badass Body Blueprint Fast Start Guide. It details EVERYTHING you need to ensure you have everything in place leading up to your "official" first day.

Think of it like the Cliff's Notes version of the manuals. With this, you'll be playing with cheat codes.

Bonus 2 - Badass Supplement Bible ($27 Value)

bookDThe supplement world is a vast and confusing landscape full of really bad information. Some are fantastic, and others are complete crap—knowing which is which is the hard part.

Thankfully, it's part of my job.

Let’s clear up all that confusion and address the foundation supplements that are safe, effective, and legitimate. And so in this guide, I've outlined the ones that will help you meet your goals, and give you a rundown of which to stay away from—incredibly helpful for getting results without wasting money!

Bonus 3 - The 2-Minute Testosterone Flood ($19 Value) 

Testosterone is one of the most important hormones produced by the body, particularly for males. Not only is it vital to maintaining proper musculature and masculine appearance, it has myriad psychological benefits as well.bookB

Most of you probably know that your individual testosterone levels fall as you age. But studies have shown that men today, across the population, have about 20% less testosterone than men the same age did just two decades ago. Yup, we are slowly being womanized.

In this kick ass guide, I reveal to you the 2 minute testosterone rush formula.  Backed by an elite team of Harvard researchers, This 2 minute exercise done daily can increase your Testosterone levels by up to 40% while simultaneously lowering your cortisol levels without any pills, potions, needles, or supplements…

It’s one of my most well kept secrets. So use it wisely

Bonus 4 - The V-Line Abs Formula ($27 Value)

bookCWhy are V-line abs so great? Nothing really… EXCEPT that something is hardwired into women’s brains that sparks uncontrollable sexual arousal when they see those lines!

So in this one-time bonus offer, I reveal the secrets to getting that V-cut. Which exercises are most effective. Diet and supplement protocols and the number 1 factor to getting V-Line Abs. Don’t do this one thing, and you can kiss your V-lines goodbye.

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Bonus 5 - A One-on-One VIP Jump-start Consultation Directly with Me ($197 Value)

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Will all those nights out you missed, the family dinners you ate “healthy” at and those girls you missed out on worth the body you have now? Was it really worth all that lost time and effort in the end?

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Peter Tzemis

P.S. Dude, there’s nothing wrong if you don’t want to build a badass body. Nothing wrong at all.

Billions of men walk around fat every day and are seemingly satisfied with it. We both know that they aren't however. We both know that their ugly fat rolls suck the soul right out of them.

You see it in their ghost like faces; The way they carry themselves. The way they move through life - almost as if there in a permanent trance. Resigned to living a mediocre life, which is okay.

However, I knew early on, I wasn’t destined to lead that kind of life. And I firmly believe... YOU certainly are not destined to lead that kind of life either.

So when I say I’m committed to help you discovering this...I TRULY AND AUTHENTICALLY MEAN IT. I’ve seen it change lives and I know it can change yours. You just gotta give it one chance. Just one shot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs It Okay To Use Dumbbells In Place Of Barbells?

    Yes, of course. Speaking typically, barbells allow you to use more weight, and DBs allow for a greater range of motion. So, they each have benefits.

    During the course of the any of my programs, I will prescribe both, for various reasons. While I would typically prefer that you follow the workouts exactly as I write them, I understand that things get in the way and that won’t always be possible.

  • q-iconI Train In My Garage And Have Limited Equipment, And A Maximum Of 300 Pounds Of Weight. This Is Fine For My Upper Body, But I’ve Maxed Out Lower; Now What?

    Ah, I feel you for sure. Thankfully, there’s a pretty easy solution: focus on unilateral exercises. The Bulgarian Split Squat, Step Up, Lunges, and Pistol Squat, Single Leg RDLs are all amazing options to allow you to overload a single limb. Trust me, 300 pounds will be more than enough.

  • q-iconCan I swap Exercises in the workouts?

    I recommend sticking to the compound exercises included in the workouts. These movements are your key lifts that you will use to track progress with. I selected these exercises because I feel they contribute strongly to the desired look and they are very responsive to progressive overload.

  • q-iconCan I lift 5+ times per week?

    This program is designed for 3-4 workouts sessions per week. Not only is 3-4 workout sessions more manageable for most people but it is also more effective. Strength gains are much more consistent with every other day training. Taking 24-48 hours of rest between intense workouts allows your central nervous system to recover.

  • q-iconCan beginners use this program?

    Yes, This program can be used for beginners as long as he follows the progression properly. Meaning you go from phase 1 then phase 2 then phase 3.

    No skipping ahead

  • q-iconShould I still do cardio if I work in manual labour?

    If you work manual labor then your energy expenditure will be very high. If you are spending several hours per day walking, lifting, moving and doing physical tasks there is no need for additional calorie burning exercise. Lift weights 3-4x per week to build strength and maintain muscle and that’s about it.

  • q-iconI play (insert sport here) 2-3 times per week, should I still do cardio?

    If you are involved in sports then you can count that as your cardio workout. So on a day that you are playing a particular sport, you won’t need to do a cardio workout. Only do cardio workouts on days that you are not active or lifting weights.

  • q-iconI don’t like certain foods, do I have to eat what’s specifically laid out inside?

    No! Everything in the nutrition plan can be substituted.

  • q-iconWhat about pre and post workout supplements and nutrition?

    This will be covered in the supplement guide once you have finished downloading the program. Go do that now!

  • q-iconI’m going out for dinner with some friends on the weekend. How should I handle eating out at social occasions without screwing up my diet?

    This is covered extensively in the restaurant survival guide

  • q-iconI'm an experienced lifter, is this program for me?

    Yes, this program emphasizes a lot of density training and CNS training. Most seasoned bodybuilders don’t focus on this type of training. I highly recommend investing especially if you have hit a strength plateau. The badass body blueprint will teach you to reignite your strength sensitivity so that you can continue making gains and blast through any plateau.

  • q-iconWill this program require a ton of equipment?

    No, everything can be done at your local gym or even at your home providing you have some basic equipment (this is covered in the blueprint)

  • q-iconHow Long Is Required To Add Good Mass, Assuming Average Genetics?

    For the average trainee, you’re going to need about 8-12 weeks of a solid mass-building program to really see appreciable results. Some people can gain muscle in a lot less time, but they are outliers.

    If your body fat is reasonably low, you can eat more (insulin sensitivity will be higher), and gain muscle more quickly. If you’re on the heavier side, you’d need to take it a bit slower.

  • q-iconAlcohol. How Should I Handle Drinking During The Program?

    Ah, great question. Yes, let’s cover this first. Let me just say this: during the first month of training, I want you to consume as little alcohol as possible; ideally, NONE. This level of restriction is just for the first month, and is intended to help create a beneficial hormonal environment that will allow for better progress over the rest of the program. Once you hit month two, we can add in some alcohol, assuming you can handle it. That said, a few drinks with dinner is one thing, but I would prefer you not go out and get wasted.


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